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Multitouch(Dualtouch) Screen works with windows7 system

With windows 7 system out, multitouch screen will be the trend of the future.Lanny produced new IR touch screen which supports two fingers touch at a time when working with windows 7 system.It was widely used in the world with different applications, such as industrial control, medical, POS, kiosk, retail,advertising show,teaching school. hotel, transportation, gaming and lottery.

The Infrared Multitouch technology was commercially available in Jan. 2010 as components with sizes ranging from 17-inch to 150-inch for digital signage & kiosk machines running Windows 7.

As the world’s China professional touch screen manufacturer, we can provide high-quality and optimal cost-effective touch solutions. Lanny wins high recognition and credit in industry for years of experience in producing touch screen and touch monitor, strong technology research and development capabilities, sophisticated production facilities and equipment, and high productivities.


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