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Xintai Touch Multi Interactive Touch foil through glass

interactive touch foil will Quickly enable a touch screen in your ordinary glass world. 's large format flexible touch panel, cover from 30 to has 3 key parts. 1st is film sensor, 2nd is electronics controller, we call it eBoard, 3rd is driver. Film sensor is a green technology product, has high transparency, light and thin. the embedded nano wire grid is a sensor network, that can precisely positioning hands touch action. It use sensing technology, easily change an to bullet­proof touch screen. eBoard use SoC architecture, so the PCB is small and strong noise filtering algorithm, It can detect weak signal that caused by hands.

Driver support Windows XP/7/8, include 32 bit and 64 bit. sion, Mac OSX, Android 4.0 up version.

It has two version, one is cling film version, it designed for interactive window and could be peeledoff for reusing. Another is permanent version, once you peel off the cover layer and laminate onto the glass, the sensor will be permanently fixed.

1. Projected Capacitance Touch Foil Technology
2. Works on glass up to 10mmthickness
3. Easy to use or install, and Simple to set up for touch foil
4. Durable flexible touch foil, very light and thin touch foil
5. Perfect 6-touch, Quick touch response speed
6. Fixing options: removable and permanent, Can be permanent or replaceable
7. Can be attached to almost every surface: Shop window, Glass, Acrylic and Rear projection film and any other non-metallic material
8. Available Size: from 30 to 180 inches sheets, bigger available on request


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